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Summer Lovin' Leggings

links to my collection on Zazzle

The first day of summer is the 21st June, so with a just over a month left to stock up your wardrobe we're dedicating a few posts to summer fashion, starting with these trendy Zazzle leggings priced from $59.95 (£48.25).

TIP! It's worth checking Zazzle regularly for offers, they change every few days, at time of writing this there's 15% off.

Click top image for full collection. Images below will take you to the Zazzle product page for that item.

'Summer Season Mandala' - by R Loechler Art

This pretty pink and teal mandala pattern is a unique piece of art, it was drawn freehand then inverted with the colors added digitally. The light colors and busy yet elegant pattern looks great with a simple white tank.

'Red Hibiscus Flowers' -

by La Boutique Cadeaux de René Bui

Pretty and elegant floral print leggings. Tropical red hibiscus flowers standing out on a dark blue/grey background. Ideal for daytime or warm summer nights.

'Fox with Butterflies' -

by GiftsGaloreStore

We love these cute leggings with watercolor art work of a smiling fox and butterflies on a light background. The pink floral branches wrap round the back for a pretty look all round.

'Ice Cream Sundae Collage'

by - DippyDoodle

Deliciously cute ice cream desserts and milkshake illustrated pattern on white leggings because no summer is complete without several helpings of ice cream.

'Summer Brushstrokes' -

by Naughty Cat

A whole palette of summer colors including yellow, mint green and coral have been used to create these trendy modern abstract brushstrokes leggings.

You can customise any of the above designs on Zazzle or if you're feeling creative why not create your own leggings from scratch.

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