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Spring! into Action with Parkour

Picture a typical military obstacle course with walls to climb, objects to jump, spaces to crawl through and ropes to swing from. The objective is to get from point A to B in the fastest time using only your physical capabilities to tackle the terrain in the most efficient way possible. Now imagine a town or city centre is your obstacle course and your objective is the same. That's basically Parkour!

If you're thinking it sounds similar to freerunning you're right, in fact it's exactly the same. Parkour is the French word for "parcours du combattant" the military training method it derived from which later translated into English as "freerunning" for a documentary called 'Jump London' (2003)

Parkour is an excellent training discipline for the body and mind as you're having to think fast to adapt to each obstacle, you're also building resilience, flexibility and strength as you run, swing, vault and roll your way to the end of the "course".

The best part is it's free as well as freeing! You get the sense of empowerment from mastering your environment, overcoming obstacles as well as fears. There are classes popping up all over if you're unsure of where to start or watch the youtube training videos by TappBrothers.

Be aware of the risks of injury and don't be too ambitious to start with but if you're looking for a fun way to get fit outdoors while building confidence it's a fantastic sport to start.

Check out this design collection below for t-shirts, backpack and other accessories for lovers of Parkour.

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