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5 Ways to Celebrate St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's day is a day to commemorate the life of the patron st of Ireland with a cultural celebration of festivals, drinking, parades, drinking, eating, drinking, socialising and drinking. It's a day when everyone claims to be Irish no matter how far back in their ancestry they have to dig for those roots because the Irish know how to celebrate. Though the drinking aspect has perhaps unfairly taken over some what, the original spirit of togetherness and fun can be shared by all.

If you're not heading to a parade but want to do your own thing to join in the fun here's a handful of ideas;

1) Get your friends together for a game of Beersbee

The rules of this drinking game are simple and the rewards are great. All you need is a frisbee, two poles, the drink of your choice and two teams. Stand the poles between 20-36ft apart and balance an object on top (usually an empty beer bottle). The objective is to take turns to try and knock the object off your opponents pole with the frisbee. If you knock it off, it's a point, first team to reach *however many points you set* wins and the losing team has to take a shot. There's also penalty drink shots for throws that are miles off target. Find out more about the rules at

2) Fancy dress pub crawl

The theme for costumes is anything long as it's green. Make up prizes for most inventive costume, the greenest and the most Irish, announce the winners at the last pub of the night with perhaps a forfeit for that one person who's turned up wearing denim jeans and thrown on a green t-shirt at the last minute.