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Pop Art Style

Pop Art started in the 1950s with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein arguably becoming the most famous artists of the movement. It's a bold, colorful and dynamic modern art style that celebrates popular culture, using imagery from advertising and comic books to highlight the ordinary or everyday, challenging the elitist ideals and traditions of "fine art".

We've searched through hundreds of designs on Zazzle to pick out a few of our favorite pop art designs in home decor and fashion starting with this t-shirt selection below.

Products featured in this blog have been selected from various designers on Zazzle, there's an affiliate link to all items at the end of this post

1) 'Power to the People Now' by MAXIMUM STREET COUTURE. The iconic fist pump image became a symbol for the "Power to the People" movement in the 1960s when it was used by young people protesting the oppression of the elite, rich ruling class during an era when Pop Art was in it's prime.

2) '80s Memphis Design' by JunkyDotCom. The bold colorful zig zag lines contrasting with black and white polka dot on this all over print shirt looks like a zoomed up image from the page of a comic book, a popular characteristic in Pop Art.

3) 'Headphones Graphic' by Made in Atlantis. One of the common artistic styles associated with Andy Warhol. Colorful repeated images of an everyday object symbolising mass production.

Many pop artists including Warhol started their careers in advertising so silk screen printing became the preferred medium. Warhol used different screens for different colors overlaying the same image creating a layered effect, he also used repeated images with contrasting blocks of vivid color for background,