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Pop Art Style

Pop Art started in the 1950s with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein arguably becoming the most famous artists of the movement. It's a bold, colorful and dynamic modern art style that celebrates popular culture, using imagery from advertising and comic books to highlight the ordinary or everyday, challenging the elitist ideals and traditions of "fine art".

We've searched through hundreds of designs on Zazzle to pick out a few of our favorite pop art designs in home decor and fashion starting with this t-shirt selection below.

Products featured in this blog have been selected from various designers on Zazzle, there's an affiliate link to all items at the end of this post

1) 'Power to the People Now' by MAXIMUM STREET COUTURE. The iconic fist pump image became a symbol for the "Power to the People" movement in the 1960s when it was used by young people protesting the oppression of the elite, rich ruling class during an era when Pop Art was in it's prime.

2) '80s Memphis Design' by JunkyDotCom. The bold colorful zig zag lines contrasting with black and white polka dot on this all over print shirt looks like a zoomed up image from the page of a comic book, a popular characteristic in Pop Art.

3) 'Headphones Graphic' by Made in Atlantis. One of the common artistic styles associated with Andy Warhol. Colorful repeated images of an everyday object symbolising mass production.

Many pop artists including Warhol started their careers in advertising so silk screen printing became the preferred medium. Warhol used different screens for different colors overlaying the same image creating a layered effect, he also used repeated images with contrasting blocks of vivid color for background,

as shown in the poster above 'Pop Goes The GTO Judge' by American Icons. Another popular theme is the use of common objects in a new way like in the art work 'Natural Ice' from Huck Designs where scoops of ice cream are used for the model's afro.

This "Movie Star Pop Art" throw cushion by Strange Little Onion with retro comic book damsel, speech bubble and use of polka dot is a style of artistic expression favored by Roy Lichtenstein and remains a popular classic.

We love this Pop Art 'Hot Lips' Tripod lamp with design from Hand-Drawn. As the store name suggests the lips are hand drawn in pencil which the artist has then accentuated using colored marker pens creating a glossy lipstick look.

Strangeart2015 has created a real statement piece to modify a dull bathroom. A classic pop art collage mash up of British and American icons, again the use of popular culture and vivid colors being a recurring theme and the choice of imagery apt since the movement is credited to both Britain and America.

Dare to be bold and stand out from the crowd in these 'Pucker Up Pop Lips' leggings designed by OCDESIGNZZ.

Images of beauty and fashion are another common theme in pop art stemming from it's roots in advertising and mass media.

This laptop sleeve with design from Art_Craft uses a saturated color background which is predominant in pop art in sharp contrast with the black and white print of a Chimpanzee wearing sunglasses.

Since the pop art movement began in the 1950s and hit it's height in the 60s, along with maintaining it's aesthetic appeal it's now receiving a new lease of life for it's retro charm. New designers and artists are combining retro objects with the pop art style maximising it's attraction like Electric Pop Spot did with this cassette tapes throw blanket.

Click the link below to see more of this collection on Zazzle where you also have the option to make a purchase of any of the products featured.

Pop Art Collection on Zazzle

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