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Finding the Right Business Card

Business Cards by Profession and Style

It can be tricky finding the right business card to represent your company or field of expertise in a tiny 3 inch space.

Although in this digital age more and more are relying on social media to promote their business nothing beats a face to face first impression and handing over a memorable business card, especially now online marketing is getting so saturated with people being bombarded with ads with every click they make.

So how do you go about finding this one card that sums up your products or services, provides customers with all the relevant details and promotes the image you're going for all while standing apart from other business similar to your own?

Here's a few things to bear in mind;

1) Attention grabbing design; this doesn't necessarily mean be bold, bright and colorful. You want to grab the attention of the clientele who will be most likely to buy your goods or services not just anyone. A good idea is to think about your business (no matter what it is) as a shopfront on a high street, what 'look' would make your target customer turn their head instead of walking on by? Think about color symbolism ie yellow = cheerful and friendly, green = nature and health, red = passion and dynamism, black/gold/silver = elegance and wealth.

2) Keep it simple; don't overcrowd your card with text and make sure there's enough spacing between lines of text so it's clear and easy to read. If you have numerous services to offer try to generalise and cut it down to 3-5 bullet points. You just want to provide enough info about what you do to hook your customers in and then your contact details/website so they can find out more.

3) Project quality; before your customer sees your products or experiences the quality of your services to know what they're getting all they'll have to go on is your business card. It's worth paying a little more for both the quality of card and design rather than a general "one card suits all" template that can be printed off on cheap card. If it looks like you've made an effort on your business cards it instils confidence in your attention to detail.

4) Use of images; we've all heard the saying that "pictures speak louder than words" but with such a small space too many or a "busy" image can make your card look messy or overcrowded. Again think about clarity and keeping it simple. ie an elegant icon of the tools of your trade might be all you need or if you're using a photograph ensure any text overlaying your image stands out.

For all the above cards and more check out our business card page linked below for a huge choice of cards from Zazzle designers organised by profession or alternatively choose from a selection of elegant or colorful designs that you can customise for your business or professional title.

Business Cards by Profession and Style

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