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New Year, New You!

Happy new year! Hope your hangovers are short and your lie in was long. There's still a few days of Christmas left, the 12th day of Christmas falls on the 6th of January so if you're not ready to crack on with the new year resolutions that's OK because you can still claim to be on Christmas time, plus it's not wise to start any new diet with all that left over chocolate in the house ;)

All images in this post link to the relevant product pages on Zazzle where you have the option to make a purchase.

If however, you are raring to go and determined that this is the year you'll make some serious changes; break those bad habits, keep to that diet, hit the gym... more organised, quit smoking, learn a new skill, spend more time with family etc, we've selected a few products to help inspire and keep you motivated.

This bright and stylish dry erase board combines a daily meal planner and shopping list. Great for planning ahead to keep your diet on track and adding items to your list as you run out. Little tip - snap a photo of your board with your smart phone before you hit the shops, saves you having to write out your list.


Alternatively this colorful 4" x 6" Post-it® pad

meal planner separates your meal planning into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for extra ease and has 50 sheets to last you a year (that's allowing for 2 weeks holiday anyway).

Many people make the resolution to keep a daily journal then give up if they've skipped a few days so it's a good idea not to commit to writing every single day just stick to the eventful ones and writing

down your thoughts when you feel like it, or if you're determined to write something each day just jot down one thing you're grateful for to help build a positive outlook. We love these personalised artisan journals from Teals Prairie & Co from $11.99

Aiming to drink more water is an excellent resolution to have. Keep a stainless steel water bottle close to remind you to drink at regular intervals and stay hydrated.

If you've made your mind up to finally quit smoking it's a good idea to tell everyone so they can stop you if you've decided to "just have one more."

Declare your intent with a badge of honor like the one above and stick up no smoking stickers around your house to deter you.

Some resolve to cook more meals from scratch instead of relying too much on ready meals, though a hectic lifestyle can hinder your good intentions you can always make and freeze big batches of food if you plan ahead...

...or perhaps your goal is to write out and organise your favorite recipes, there's a variety of personalised recipe binders and notebooks on zazzle ideal for this resolution.

If you're just looking to be a little more organised in 2019, whether it's balancing your finances or organising household chores we've rounded up a collection of binders, notebooks and post-it® pads etc to help.

Before you start any resolution promise to give yourself a break, accept you will miss a few gym days, you will have a chocolate binge, sneak in a cigarette "just to be social" but those slips don't matter, what matters is what you do after. It takes 30 days to make or break a habit so pick ONE goal and try to stick to it for a month. You can slip up just don't give up because if you take two steps forward and one step back you're still making progress.

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