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Drinking Humor Slogan Tees

With New Year's Eve on the horizon and many making plans to hit the bars and clubs to bring in 2018 with a drink or two we thought it was time to showcase a few funny drinking slogan tees that are perfect for breaking the ice on a pub crawl or letting the bar tender know your favorite tipple.

For the more refined pub crawler there's this "liqueur me up!" t-shirt pictured above, like most shirts from zazzle this design is available in various colors, sizes and styles which you can change from the product page.

If you're partial to a 'Mojito' let people know with a funny play on words slogan tee and for wine lovers we love the "Drinks Well with Others" wine glasses typography shirt above and this stylish "I make wine disappear, what's your Superpower?" design.

It may never make it as an Olympic event but you've every right to be proud of your "beer pong" prowess so show off with this sporty shirt.

If you're a "funny drunk" and after a few drinks your friends pretend they're not with you this shirt blames it all on the Daiquiri for you.

If Absinthe is the devil on your shoulder on a night out it's best to make a blanket apology from the start.

"My glass is half full. Who's been drinking my beer?!" - Paranoid Optimist.

You can customise the text on this funny tee to add your favorite drink.

Check out the full collection of drinking humor t-shirts we've put together by clicking the image below including the shirts featured here and take a look at our 'Slogan Tees' page for more choice in funny slogans, trendy tees and inspiring quotes.

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