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Movie Themed Wedding Collection

Links to my collection on Zazzle

You can have so much fun creating a movie themed wedding and make it a real red carpet occasion. Some couples like recreating their favorite movie, dressing up in the roles of iconic romantic partners or going full vintage glamour of 1920s Hollywood. We love this Wedding collection it suits any movie themed Wedding or occasion as you can custom with your own photo and text according to the specific 'look' you're going for.

The design for the invitation in the top image carries through the entire collection so you have the option to customise your whole Wedding using the same photo or pick different photos for favors/favor boxes, wine bottle labels, beer mats, cocktail napkins, cake toppers, stickers,"save the date" magnets/postcards and more. Why not use the opportunity to recreate some of your favorite movie scenes to share with your guests.

These trendy 'take-out' style favor boxes are ideal if you're going for a more modern take on your movie theme but you can also change the style to classic favor box from the product page.

Mason jars are so versatile making them perfect for any occasion, you can fill them with candy or preserves as gifts for your guests or use them to serve up a variety of desserts and drinks. These mason jar labels are waterproof and easy to peel & stick to suit your purpose.

Check out the full movie themed wedding collection above or click the banner below to explore more wedding themes, invitations and collections on zazzle to make your big day unique to you and special for all.

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