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Stocking Fillers for Kids

Many put the origin of the Christmas stocking tradition to a legend of Saint Nicholas. On hearing about a poor man who had 3 daughters that he struggled to support, St. Nicholas threw 3 bags of gold through the poor man's window and one of the bags landed in a stocking that was hanging above the fireplace to dry.

All images link to the relevant product pages on Zazzle where you have the option to make a purchase.

Decades ago stocking fillers would have been an apple or orange, wooden toy, marbles, nuts and maybe a few coins. These days many people leave "big" gifts under the tree but stockings have kept their place at Christmas, filled with treasures because sometimes it's not about size or expense but the joy of unwrapping surprises.

With that in mind we've put together the following collections of stocking fillers for kids from Zazzle including artisan gifts. You can personalise all items from the product pages.

Tote bags from $10.50 and night lights from $22 with brand designs and original art work.

Personalised candy tins from $4.80 filled with assorted jelly belly candy or fill with your child's favorite flavor.

Kids t-shirts from $15.80 including many of their favorite characters from Seasame St, Disney and popular comics along with original designs from artists on Zazzle, available in a variety of colors and sizes for girls and boys.


mini basketball hoops from $22.50 and custom jigsaw puzzles from $17.90

Kids tri-fold wallets from $14.95 with choice of brands plus colorful illustrations from original artists, all designs available to personalise by clicking the 'customize' button on the product page.

Spiral notebooks for girls and boys starting from $12.95 and kids aprons for art & craft, baking and gardening from $16.85

If you're looking for custom baby gifts click banner below for 1000s of options plus even more giftspiration for kids. With express delivery your purchase can be printed and delivered in 2-3 days!

For more gift inspiration click the banner and head to Zazzle.

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