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Be inspired - Travel Journals

A travel journal is more than just a blank notebook, if you're handed a notebook you might think about making shopping lists, noting people's birthdays, work projects or keeping track of important passwords and information but if you're given a travel journal it inspires you to dream as you imagine filling it's pages with all your adventures and experiences. A travel journal is personal, it's your story as you want to remember it so with that in mind we've selected a handful from zazzle with the option to customise to make extra special and unique to you.

N.B The following pictures featured here link to product pages or collections we've put together from various designers on Zazzle, from there you can make a purchase.

This stylish canvas journal with elegant design by 'My (in) Sanity' allows you to personalise with a name on the bottom right corner and is ideal for the modern traveller, with practical pocket to fit an iPad mini or guidebook.

For something a little more classic a beautiful artisan, genuine leather travel journal by 'Teals Prairie & Co.' is perfect, it's unique in that it allows you to have a message 150 characters long engraved on the front. It's also really affordable at $23.99

Now onto something completely different. From Dippy Doodle this notebook is expressly for road trips. Great gift for couples to personalise with a fun "road rage" photo and customise with licence plate number.

Sometimes all you want in a travel journal is a simple notebook that fits in your pocket to jot down thoughts and feelings, names of places, keep track of dates and make lists as you go along. This elegant personalised travel notebook with faux rose gold World map by 'Violet and Pine' makes a perfect gift and keepsake for any traveller.

For when you're back home and looking through your collection of photos, tickets, notes and keepsakes ready to document your trip why not think of a custom binder instead of a traditional scrapbook like this one by 'Heritage Matters'. Add a photo to the front and fill with acid free paper and pockets.

Most people these days travel with a some kind of tablet to type about their journey as it happens but nothing beats a tactile keepsake like a travel journal that's been around the world with you, that perhaps comes back a little battered round the edges but keeps your memories intact.

Click the banner below and type 'travel journals' in search to find thousands of designs to choose from and customise.

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