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Trendy Leggings

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The image above is an affiliate link to Zazzle where you have the option to purchase any product featured in this post.

The range of designs for these trendy leggings is endless. There's the classic polka dot patterns, plaid and stripes but why restrict yourself to the norm when you can go cosmic, be a mermaid with fish scales or celebrate your spirit animal.

You can really go wild and make a statement. Show how daring you can be or find designs that suit your signature style.

There are over 100,000 designs already to choose from and as always if you really can't find what you're looking for you can create your own.

Here are a few of our favorite finds.

'Atomic Mouse No.1' -

by The Ninth Art

Unique, retro comic art is a winning combo. This all over print design features an obscure comic book from the 1950s depicting a mouse superhero.

'Fantasy Unicorn' -

by Willy-Wear Limited

Cool blue whimsical airbrush art of a majestic unicorn in a dreamy fairytale landscape.

'Girly Vintage Skull' -

Bones of Society

Who thought combining skulls with pink floral would be pretty but this girly design manages it flawlessly.

'Fake Jeans Leggings' -

Jerry Lambert

A classic pair of jeans goes with pretty much anything so makes sense these funky fake jeans leggings will to but with added advantage of comfort and flexibility.

Click image at the top of this post for all leggings featured here plus more trendy designs from Zazzle.

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