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Dandy Candy & Cute Cakes

These colorful candy and cake themed products will get your sweet tooth aching. From quirky decor to gifts and phone cases, let your inner child out to celebrate candy in all it's flavors.

Clicking on an image will take you to the Zazzle product page for that item where you have the option to make a purchase.

'Button Candy'

by MissMatching

Button candy or "smarties" vibrantly cover this iphone 8 case in a rainbow of delicious colors (also available for iphone X from the product page).

'Chocolate Cupcake'

by Dippy Doodle

Kids love baking cakes and creating a mess, satisfy both their hobbies with a gift of a personalised khaki apron with image of a cute chocolate cupcake.

'Stack of Macaroons'

by MissMatching

Rest your head and have sweet dreams with this quirky lumbar accent cushion decorated with a yummy array of colorful macaroons.

'Chocolate PUDDING!!!'

by Dippy Doodle

Lets face it, the dessert is always the best part of any meal and we learn this at a very young age. There's no fighting it. Embrace the PUDDING!!! with this adorable baby bib.

'Choc Chip Cookie Cushion'

by Dippy Doodle

Well who wouldn't want to take a nap on a giant comfy chocolate chip cookie.

'Cartoon Sheep'

by Dippy Doodle

You'll have to keep this novel personalised candy tin stocked up with mini mints to keep the sheep in it's wooly coat.

'Candy Sprinkles'

by MissMatching

Another bold, colorful candy image to make your mouth water at your desk. Thousands of multi-colored candy pieces in vivid colors which make it look like you could just scoop up a handful from your mousepad.

'Candy Swirls'

by Dippy Doodle

Cute red and white candy swirl wine charms to make your wine that little bit sweeter.

'Liquorice Allsort Pouf'

by Liquorice Allsorts

Bright and bold statement cube pouf in style of a giant liquorice allsort. Also available in yellow and green.

'Unicorn Poop Candy'

by Sugarhai

This fun tee is self-explanatory as it's a well known fact that unicorns poop candy and call them sparkle drops...obviously.

For more candy and cake goodies search for products on Zazzle's homepage.

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