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Cushions by Color

Table/Desk Lamps by Color

table lamps categorised by color available in a varitey of color trims priced from $47.45

coloful geometric pattern table lamp

Bold Multi-Colored Lamps

white star pattern red table lamp

Shades of Red Lamps

pastel tribal arrows pattern table lamp

Pastel Multi-Colored Lamps

teal shell pattern table lamp
green retro pattern table lamp

Blue/Teal Lamps

Shades of Green Lamps

bright yellow geometric pattern table lamp

Yellow/Orange Lamps

elegant purple pattern table lamp

Shades of Purple Lamps

beige brown geometric table lamp

Beige/Brown Lamps


black and white table lamps including classic patterns and stylish art work from $37.45

black and white pineapple pattern table lamp

Black & White Pineapple

elegant black and white damask pattern table lamp

Elegant Damask Pattern

novelty black and white cow pattern table lamp
black and white moroccan pattern table lamp

Novel Cow Pattern

B & W Moroccan


trendy tripod lamps with a range of decorative patterns & art in all colors from $47.45

retro grid pattern tripod lamp
cute cats and yarn watercolor pattern tripod lamp

Retro Grid Pattern

Cats & Yarn Pattern

colorful boho geometric pattern tripod lamp

Colorful Boho Geometric

purple leopard spots pattern tripod lamp

Purple Leopard Spots


find and personalised a night light that matches your child's bedroom theme from $23.20

retro spider man kids night light

Retro Spider-Man

personalised unicorn purple girls night light

Sweet Purple Unicorn

space rocket personalised kids night light

Cartoon Space Rocket

personalised disney princesses girls night light

Disney Princesses

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